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About The Chosen Realty

The Chosen Realty is a real estate agency that was founded by a school mum who experienced success and satisfaction in her management rights business. She had a vision to create a company that would help other management rights owners and school mums to achieve success and balance in their lives. She also wanted to use her business as a platform to serve the community.

Our Vision

Our business vision is to be the chosen ones who bring quality and professionalism into the real estate industry. We believe that we have a responsibility to be agents of trust, respect and care in our local areas. We aim to build long-term relationships with our clients, customers and contractors based on these values. We also strive to provide excellent service and professional advice in property management and sales.

Our Value

Our business values are based on best practices and principles. Some of them are:

  • Relationship over task: We value people more than profit. We care for the needs and well-being of our community members and seek to serve them with compassion and kindness.
  • Quality over quantity: We reduce our workload so that we can focus on delivering high-quality service and results. We do not compromise on our standards or ethics.
  • Local over global: We live local and serve local. We understand the needs and preferences of our local market and tailor our solutions accordingly. We also support local businesses and initiatives.
  • Generosity over wealth: We donate 10% of the commission as an offering to neighbourhoods in need, local community events, church ministry, and charity organisations. We believe in sharing our blessings and giving back to the society that we live in.
    • Brisbane Life Festival
    • Brisbane Christian College
    • Alpha course
    • 96five Family Radio
    • Olympic Football Club
    • 1st Care Community

Our Mission

We run a program called The Chosen Together, which connects other regional agents who share our vision and values. They are also management rights owners who act as local leaders in their own regions. They receive training and resources from us to help them grow their businesses and local communities.

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